Why choose to use Park Smart parking lot?

Park Smart is the newest, most innovative and client- friendly long-term parking lot at Riga Airport, which services have been developed to save your time and to ensure your comfort for the best price.

Park Smart parking lot is equipped with the automatic number plate recognition system, which, when a car enters and departs, registers its number thereby providing You with additional comfort and safety. Moreover, this system is connected to our website, where it is possible to make upfront payment for parking by using online banking link or a credit card.

Where is Park Smart parking lot located?

1 km away from Riga airport next to VIADA fuel service station at 12 Dzirnieku street, Marupe.

Can I pay on-site?

Yes, we do accept cash (EUR) and VISA, MasterCard, Maestro payment cards. You will get the best tariff by paying in advance on the website.

How can I get from Park Smart parking lot to/from the airport, how much time it takes?

We ensure 24 hour free transfer by our minibus Volkswagen. To get back to the parking lot call us at the number +371 20 477 477. The trip takes about 2-3 minutes.

How does the automatic number plate recognition system work?

When a car arrives at the parking lot entrance barrier, a special video camera registers the car number and automatically opens the barrier. Exit from the parking lot takes place in a similar way.

In case of no advance payment, before leaving the parking lot it is necessary to tell to the operator the car number to calculate the cost of parking. If you have made advance payment on our website, before leaving you do not need to do anything else. 

Do I need to present any to the operator before entering or leaving the parking lot?

If you have made online booking in advance, you can enter/ leave the parking lot without operators assistance.

What happens if I go to the parking lot by a different car, will I receive the services?

Yes, but when you enter the parking lot, please inform the operator about it, who will make amendments in the system.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I return later after the paid – up time?

If the flight delay does not exceed 2 hours and it is the fault of the airline, You will not have to pay extra charges. In other circumstances You will need to pay to the operator for the time exceeded as per the tariff previously applied.

Is it possible to cancel the already paid-up service and get the payment back?

Yes, you just need to send a relevant request to our e-mail: .